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Pet Stains & Odor Removal

They say that the sense of smell is our strongest connection to memory. Certain aromas can evoke highly nostalgic sensations even if we haven’t had any other reminder of the experiences connected to those sensations in a very long time. This is why we associate so strongly with smells that have positive connotations to them, like cookies baking, certain scented candles, or the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. These smells remind us of positive feelings and experiences, which is why they have left an indelible mark on our brains.

What we don’t want is to have the same thing happen with stains, odors, and spots around the house. If you’ve got a stain somewhere that is impossible to remove (and sometimes these do happen), the very least you can hope for is to be able to ignore it, and that’s not going to happen if the stain comes with a smell that’s impossible to ignore. And, stains don’t even have to have an odor in order for them to remind you of something forgettable.

Cleaning stains in New York City is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. We’ve seen it all when it comes to odor and stain removal. The wine stains, spilled coffee, children’s juices and sodas, and even stains which seemed to require a miracle to remove; we’ve encountered them all. We’ve experienced everything you can imagine and more. And, yes, that includes removing lipstick stains from places you wouldn’t expect to find them in Manhattan.

When it comes to smell, odor removal and odor masking are not the same thing. It can be easy to spread a scented spray around or apply some topical scrubbing to temporarily remove the obvious odor source. But, with many messes, the smell is bound to come back if not given the proper attention to detail, time, and energy. And, these are all essential ingredients in the recipe for really removing stains and odors which otherwise ruin a fresh-smelling, clean-scented home.

You don’t want your otherwise-spotless living space to be tarnished by a single spot on the wall or furniture. The charm of your house, building, or apartment can instantly be taken away by a foul odor if not dealt with. You may be excited to throw your next party, but it won’t be much of a party at all if you can’t deal with the odors from the last one.

If you’ve tried and just can’t seem to get rid of a stain or smell which has been lingering for too long, just get a hold of us and we’ll come to you for the miracle you’ve been looking for. Having seen and done it all when it comes to cleaning in New York, what might seem like an impossible task will probably feel like just a routine process for us.

So, stop living with that smell or that stain, and let us take it away for you!

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