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About Spotless NYC

We are very much into protecting the environment, and we are committed to contribute as much as we can to create a better, cleaner, safer environment for you and your family. The urban stresses and significant pollution associated with living in a mega-metropolis like the tristate area, results in a lot of free radicals, dust, and pollutants. There is little wonder that cleaning is a major concern, and therefore provides for thriving business opportunities. While you may find many offerings in our area, you will find few as passionate as we are about cleaning, the environment, and your safety.

We are operating in one of the toughest markets on earth. New York is generating lots of dirt, and New Yorkers are very demanding, and don’t get us started on the competition. This is a very tough business, and this is why we are so proud when our customers take the time to acknowledge us with heartfelt comments and reviews on how well we did.

We urge you to judge for yourself. We will not risk our reputation to get your job at any price.

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