You Should Be Using Organic Carpet Cleaners—Here’s Why

Not all household cleaners are created equal, especially when many contain toxic ingredients that can have a large impact on both your home and the environment with very harmful effects. Toxins can spread easily to the air and water, effecting the well-being of anyone who comes in contact. Often, people are simply unaware that they’re using unsafe cleaning products so one rule of thumb to stick to is to simply look at the product label and search for any chemical ingredients listed.

Among the most important cleaners to monitor are carpet cleaners. Here at SPOTLESSNYC, we are dedicated to our promise to only use the safest organic carpet cleaners for all of our services—never including chemicals that could harm humans, animals or plants. Plus, these materials are approved beyond state and federal standards and leave your space looking, smelling and feeling clean and fresh from appointment to appointment.

So, what are some of the other dangers of non-organic carpet cleaners?

Most leading brands are made with chemical solvents that give off powerful, strong odors that can make chronic respiratory issues and allergies much worse. They can also cause more serious issues like hormonal imbalance and infertility. It is also important to note that many carpets are made of synthetic fibers containing carcinogenic chemicals, which can put infants, toddlers and pets at risk as they spend the most time breathing near the floor.

Many also cause indoor air pollution from chemicals like perchloroethylene,

which can result in sneezing, headaches, nausea, asthma attacks, coughing, fatigue, and irritation symptoms. Plus, they have a high potential to allow harmful mold to grow while organic cleaners greatly reduce that chance.

So, what’s one of the biggest reasons to use green cleaners?

Organic carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpets by putting a halt on mold growth and protecting both the color and texture of carpet fiber.

Want some DIY, at-home tips for natural cleaners?

For small marks, you can easily make a non-toxic solution with white vinegar and water. Spray it on stains and use warm water with soap to sponge them away.

For tougher stains, combine vinegar, borax and salt to create a paste. After putting it on stains, let it sit overnight and vacuum.

When in doubt, use baking soda by pouring it on the carpet and rubbing it in.

if you’re looking for a deep carpet or sofa cleaning without fear of incorporating harmful chemicals into the mix, try calling a rug cleaning service in NY—like us here at SPOTLESSNYC. With a trusted reputation as the best rug cleaning service in Manhattan, year after year we continue to use 100% organic products that take care of anything from water damage cleanup to upholstery cleaning to sofa cleaning to vacuum cleaning—without using harmful additions.

In just one hour, SPOTLESSNYC can work quickly and effectively to leave your home looking clean, fresh and brand new. So, whether you’re looking for a new New York cleaning service or you’re searching for the best rug cleaning in Manhattan, we’re happy to provide our services! Contact us at : 212-461-3224 or for a quote.