Whether you’ve experienced flooding, broken pipes or other household problems, you know that water damage often causes concerning side effects like mold—and it doesn’t take much water for mold to grow and do a lot of harm within your home. With just the smallest amount of moisture and a confined dark space, it can quickly become a problem. In dark and humid environments, mildew continues to thrive and you may not be able to detect it as it goes unnoticed in porous materials like carpets and wall insulation.
So, what can you do to prevent mold from taking over and completely ruining your carpets? First and foremost, deal with the problem right away with simple tools like fans, bleach and cleaners. It may take a little extra work to remove, but you’ll eventually be able to completely remove the problem before it spreads.

Follow these steps to keep mold away from your carpets:

1. Remove water ASAP

Use a vacuum to clean up as much water as you can. They are the most effective tools for removing water and can be rented or provided by companies that specialize in repairing household flood damage.

2. Use fans to dry carpets faster

If left out with fans on them, water-damaged carpets can dry completely in just several days with fresh air circulating around them. Pro Tip: Even when you think the inside of the carpet is dry, it most likely still needs more time to dry. Make sure you keep the fans going all day for at least another week.
Don’t have drying fans that are strong enough to get the job done? Try renting a high-power one from your local home improvement store.

3. Dry out the room with a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers take away any excess moisture that stays inside of your carpet and limits the growth of mold and mildew by making the air cooler.

4. Always steam clean your carpets

Steam cleaning allows you to both sanitize and deodorize your carpets properly, so they’ll last longer in the future. In turn, any water-damaged carpet padding will usually need to be replaced. Note: Replacing only the padding is way less expensive than having to put new carpet into your entire home.

While these tips and tricks help when necessary in cases of emergency, the best thing you can do when you experience water damage in your home is to seek professional services to make sure the job is done correctly. This saves you money down the line and decreases your chance of experiencing health issues due to the undetected growth of mold and mildew.
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