It’s true that pets, like dogs or cats, are a man’s best friend, but it’s also true that they require a lot of extra clean-up. From excess shedding to those dreaded accidents we all hate cleaning up after, having a furry friend in the home requires added care and attention to keep your interior looking (and smelling) fresh. The best and easiest way to deal with cleaning needs is always hiring a professional, but while you go searching for the best clean service in NY, or whatever city you’re in, you can try these tips.

1. Keep pets (and paws) clean

Keeping your dog groomed regularly is the most important thing you can do to keep your furniture clean and tidy. It not only cleans them but it also keeps their shedding under control before it ends up on your floor.
Also, when a pet comes running in your door, so does dirt and grime straight from their paws. To combat any possible damage, keep a towel and spray bottle by the door so you can quickly wipe and dry your pet’s paws before they come inside and potentially ruin your favorite couch or carpet.

2. Vacuum regularly (including the furniture)

Hair and dirt accumulate quickly around the house when you have a pet. Make sure you fit vacuuming in your weekly, or even daily, routine to catch all of the excess mess.
Very Important: Don’t forget the furniture! Even if your pet knows better than to jump up on the chair or couch, the smallest shake or breeze can push hair and dirt onto any surface where it will eventually make its way to the floor. To make cleaning even more efficient, place a pet tool on your vacuum and pay extra attention to furniture and drapes.

3. Be prepared for accidents

Even if your pet is well-trained, it may still have accidents from time to time. For this reason, it’s important to have a pet stain remover in the house at all times and to treat stains as soon as possible for a better chance or erasing them. The longer stains are left to sit, the harder they are to get rid of.

4. Use the right pet food

Many pet foods contain artificial colors that can easily stain carpets and cause an added mess when your pet has an accident. Always buy food without added colors.

5. Call a professional

No matter what precautions and care you take with cleaning up after our pets, carpets can start to look worn over time, especially with multiple accidents. A professional cleaning service like SPOTLESSNYC can make your place look brand new with expert carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning. With a trusted reputation as the best carpet cleaning in NYC, our services get your place looking fresh and clean. Contact us at Contact us at : 212-461-3224 or for a quote.