If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from allergies or are living with asthma, you don’t have to remove carpeting to control your symptoms, as long as they’re properly cleaned.
Carpets trap particles of dust, dander and dirt—irritating allergies and making them worse. To keep your house fresh and clean, a deep cleaning is recommended. Make sure to use a professional cleaning service at least two to three times each year (every 3 – 4 months), like our 100% organic service here at SPOTLESSNYC. This will avoid the unnecessary build-up of mold and dust—helping you breathe easier.
Here at the best cleaning service in NY, our organic products are especially important for allergy sufferers, because using non-toxic cleaning won’t contain harsh chemicals that can irritate you, and mimic allergies. Vinegar is a great everyday “green” cleaning product that’s non-toxic, for cleaning up stains.
Between appointments, consider vacuuming once a week and using a vacuum cleaner with a small particle filter or HEPA filter. You can also put baking soda on your carpet for 15 to 30 minutes before you vacuum. This will help draw odors out of the carpet.

Below are some other things you can do to control allergies at home:

• Thoroughly dust your home regularly. When you dust your surfaces and wash bedding often, you can keep the amount of dust mites in your home down to a minimum.

• Be aware of what type of carpets you have in your space. Specific types of carpet will negatively impact the results of cleaning and others will make the cleaning process easier.

• Vacuum once or twice a week to reduce or completely eliminate dust mites and dander.

• Wash your pets every week in order to reduce the amount of allergens in your home and wipe them and their paws when they come inside from a walk or playing in the yard.

• Shut windows and doors to keep pollen out. Use an air filter and make sure that you’re changing it on a regular basis.

• Limit the dirt that enters your home. One way to do this is to place a durable welcome mat for people to wipe off their feet before stepping inside. Also ask guests to remove their shoes at the door so less dirt is brought inside.

So, if you’re looking for a deep carpet or sofa cleaning to help reduce the harsh symptoms of pesky allergies,
try calling a rug cleaning service in NY—like us here at SPOTLESSNYC. With a trusted reputation as the best rug cleaning service in Manhattan, we can take care of everything in as little as one hour—without using harmful additions. So, whether you’re looking for a new New York cleaning service or you’re searching for the bestrug cleaning in Manhattan, we’re happy to provide our services! Contact us at : 212-461-3224 or
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