While it’s true that there is no better way to clean your rugs and carpets than to hire a professional to keep things looking spotless, there are a few simple steps to maintaining a clean space by keeping up with your rugs on your own.

Take It Outside

Make sure to choose a day with ideal weather for cleaning your rugs outside. When hanging them, make sure to use trees, benches or walls to hold them up, as they are often too heavy for something delicate like a clothesline.

Pro Tip: Try to avoid the grass when cleaning, products can and will soak into the grass.

Vacuum Both Sides

Dust is a pesky enemy that can often go unnoticed and can cause dangerous issues like respiratory issues To combat this for a happy, healthy home: vacuum the fibers first before flipping the rug over on the other side and vacuuming to remove any excess dust that still lingers. Finally, don’t forget to roll it up and take the rug outside to prop it up. If dust is still present, hit it with a broom or durable household tool to whack it clean.

Wash + Shampoo

First, test out your carpet shampoo before applying it to the entire rug. This often-overlooked step ensures that it’s safe to use and can save you a disaster later in the process. To test, apply a small amount to a small patch with a little water and let it sit for a few hours before rinsing. If color or fiber damage is present, ditch the shampoo! When you find a safe option, use a hose to rinse the rug before scrubbing with a durable brush.

Pro Tip: Make sure you wear an old outfit or one that you don’t mind potentially getting dirty or stained.

Rinse + Dry

Read the directions on the shampoo container and let it sit on the rug for as long as necessary. After this, remove all shampoo by rinsing again. Then, keep the rug hanging outside as it dries for anywhere from one to several days—or until you can feel excess water. To finish the entire process, vacuum one last time to make the rug look brand new.

Although these steps seem simple and manageable, life in the city gets busy and carving out the time and energy to hit refresh on your rugs and carpets can be extremely difficult. if you’re looking for a deep carpet or sofa cleaning with no worry or stress involved, try calling a rug cleaning service in NY—like us here at SPOTLESSNYC. We have long been trusted as the best rug cleaning in Manhattan, year after year with 100% organic products that take care of anything from water damage cleanup to upholstery cleaning to sofa cleaning to vacuum cleaning—without using harmful additions.

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