The first and primary concern of EVERY CUSTOMER is the cost. It’s no wonder that 99% of first time callers ask for a quote, even if estimated roughly. Understandably, our pricing CANNOT reflect the true cost and value of the service without an inspection. While many of our cleaning jobs are SIMILAR they are never quite the same. Size, material, type of treatment needed and the severity of the situation can affect the pricing and there is just NO WAY to ALWAYS lock a price without an inspection.

Therefore, we always ask you to describe your need, the items, and the type of cleaning you seek. Based on your description we will offer:

1. A possible cost range

It is based on our most basic service, as well optional additional services that we may offer and of course, you do not have to accept.

2. A free on-site estimate.

The FREE on-site inspection lasts no more than a few minutes and will be concluded with a price that will cover providing the BASIC SERVICE needed to satisfy the reason you called us in the first place. However, other additional options will be offered and while you aren’t obligated to accept them – these are services that will, in fact, increase the protection and health of your items, and will in the long run save you a lot of money.

Some customers become upset sometimes when they realize that the final cost presented after inspection is greater than the phone estimate. PLEASE UNDERSTAND: We do not force anyone to accept the additional options – but it is OUR OBLIGATION to present them and explain their purpose. ALL our customers who chose to accept our additional options even reluctantly at first, ended up thanking us profusely.

Our technicians are operating daily in the city, and in most cases we can respond very fast. They have all the equipment needed to perform on-site cleaning services and if your schedule allows it – the job can be completed on the spot.